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Current Faith Formation Opportunities for Adults

Scroll down to see the classes and events we are offering right now. The programs at the top of the list are continuous, while those at the bottom may be one-time events.

October 28, 2023
The Letter: Exploring Laudato Si

*Retreat begins at 10am in the church

Several years ago, Pope Francis published his groundbreaking encyclical, Laudato Si, on caring for God's created world. Grounded in man's original commission to "till and keep" the earth, our vocation to appreciate the beauty and sanctity of creation is as relevant as ever. Join us for a daytime retreat at St. Ann, where we will watch a video about this important encyclical and spend time in prayer and reflection on the wonderful world around us.

Studying in Groups

Becoming Catholic (RCIA)

Interested in learning more about the Catholic faith and/or completing your Sacraments of Initiation? Contact Deacon Bob Cowlishaw about joining our RCIA group, which meets weekly after the 10am Mass. This group is for adults who are learning about Catholicism for the first time or who need a refresher after a time away from the Church.

Young Adults - Zion Catholic

St. Ann is home to Zion Catholic, a young adult group for Catholics in the Diocese of Salt Lake City. Zion Catholic sponsors many events and activities, including introductory to advanced religious education, Bible studies, social events, service projects, Mass hikes, and more. To learn more and see upcoming events for young adults, visit


Date TBD - Fall 2023

Introduction to Moral Theology: What Do Catholics Believe about the use of the Atomic Bomb?

Description to be updated.

Date TBD - Fall 2023

Introduction to Eschatology:
What Will Be in Heaven?

Description to be updated.

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